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Review: This changes everything: capitalism vs the climate

Climate change march

Because Klein analyses the many forms of capitalist greed, but shifts her gaze from the war-mongering imperialist states that shelter them, she evades the obvious conclusion that it is not just capitalists but capitalism that has to be overthrown and replaced by socialism. Read more >

RCG public statement

Trump administration escalates sanctions against Cuba: Title III of Helms-Burton Act fully activated

juan guaido us regime change training min

The Revolutionary Communist Group stands in solidarity with the people of Cuba in the face of this aggression.

A Message from the Bolivarian Students of Venezuela


The Fundación Jorge Rodríguez Padre through its 4F school TV Channel, has created this video piece with a message from the true Bolivarian youth that want to work, who believe in education and in the opportunities offered by the Bolivarian Revolution and XXI Century Socialism.

http://www.vtv.gob.ve/ | | https://twitter.com/VTVcanal8 | | https://www.facebook.com/VTVoficial | | https://www.youtube.com/MultimedioVTV | | http://instagram.com/VTVcanal8


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