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EU referendum: the position of communists

eu referendum

'The only principled communist position is to call for a boycott of the referendum while exposing the reactionary intentions of those on either side.Read more >

RCG public statement

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Grenfell fire: how the fight for justice was derailed

Without a shift in organisation and mobilisation on the ground, there will be no building of a real fightback to demand justice for Grenfell and the local community, let alone the wider struggle that is needed to expose the fire risks that thousands of working class people are still exposed to in tower blocks across the country.

Update on RCG statement regarding sexual harassment (31st December)

Update on RCG statement regarding sexual harassment (31st December)
Following an investigation and a period of suspension, the comrade has been reinstated as of 1 January 2018. The comrade understands that his actions were unacceptable for a communist and a member of the RCG. Through the process we have undertaken, his consciousness and behaviour has changed, and continues to change to the extent that we have decided he can now be readmitted as a full member. The RCG takes seriously the sexism, discrimination and exploitation women face and is committed to building an organisation that opposes all such oppression.
Update to RCG statement regarding an allegation of sexual harassment (5th November)

The article on the website by a suspended member was written for the last paper and published before he was suspended. He has not been reinstated and the investigation into the accusation against him is continuing. The articles published in the paper always go on the website as a matter of record and procedure.

RCG statement regarding an allegation of sexual harassment (15th October)

The Revolutionary Communist Group is aware of a historic allegation of sexual harassment by a member of the organisation. The RCG views such allegations with utmost seriousness. The comrade involved has been suspended from membership and will remain suspended until an internal enquiry completes an investigation into the matter and reports with recommendations on further action.



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