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Greenboro Trials, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! no.7, November/December 1980

CWP member with a fallen comrade in Greensboro 'The trials in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, stemming from the assassination of five leading members of the Communist Workers Party in November 1979, are turning out to be the most important political case of the Eighties. In the Greensboro events, beginning with the killings and continuing through the trials that are still in process, are expressed all the vital elements of the crisis of US imperialism and the necessity of a revolutionary solution...' Read more >

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Andrew O’Hagan’s Grenfell ‘novella’: truly a class act

The 60,000+-word essay published by the London Review of Books just one week before the anniversary of the Grenfell fire, by novelist and reporter Andrew O’Hagan, shows the kind of establishment backlash we can now expect against those fighting for justice for the 72 people who died. O’Hagan’s ‘novella’ does a hatchet job on activists and campaigners – ‘agitators’, in his words -  patronises survivors and absolves the local council and KCTMO that oversaw the lethal recladding of the tower of blame. Read more >>

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