Solidarity with Venezuela against the US blockade

The RCG pickets the Guardian in May 2019

From Britain, we the Revolutionary Communist Group offer our unconditional solidarity to Venezuela's Bolivarian revolution.

We are appalled by the now total blockade implemented by US imperialism to collectively  punish the Venezuelan people, restricting access to food and medicine Venezuelans, most recently blocking the import of 25,000 tonnes of soya. This blockade is a weapon of war that the US has deployed against the struggle for socialism in Latin America. Britain and Europe are complicit in this, with The Bank of England hoarding of 14 tonnes of Venezuelan gold while European Citibank, Novo Banco and Euroclear block payments for essential food and medicine. The sanctions killed an estimated 40,000 people in 2018, with millions now at risk. As former UN rapporteur Alfred de Zayas correctly charges, these coercive measures are economic terrorism and a violation of human rights.

The Revolutionary Communist Group will continue to take action in solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution, championing the struggle for socialism and Venezuela’s resistance against imperialism. We target British complicity with the blockade on Venezuela, picketing the Bank of England, holding rallies and meetings across the country and protesting against the Guardian and BBC, mouthpieces of imperialist intervention in Venezuela.

This latest aggression only hardens our resolve to redouble our efforts. We add our voices to the international rejection of the blockade. An attack on Venezuela is an attack on the struggle for socialism everywhere. Hands off Venezuela! No more blood for oil! No sanctions, no coup, Venezuela we stand with you!


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