BBC - no more lies about Venezuela! Report of London RCG protest, 2 February 2019

RCG protest at BBC Broadcasting House, London, 2 February 2019

On 2 February 2019, as a US-backed coup was underway against the democratically elected president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, the Revolutionary Communist Group with Hands Off Venezuela and other supportive comrades and groups joined together to protest outside BBC Broadcasting House in London. This British media institution, like other so-called 'liberal' outlets has been instrumental in softening up public opinion to support the imperialist attack on Venezuela.

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Comrades and activists from the Venezuelan and wider Latin American community spoke on the platform to denounce the BBC coverage which has cast the coup leader Juan Guaido as a force for democracy and a freedom fighter, when in fact he has been nurtured by Washington's regime change apparatus. This is another example of the US empire's constant interference and terror in Latin America which seeks to undermine any attempt at building socialism and independence. Once again US imperialism can count on the voice of British imperialism, the BBC, to spread lies and misinformation which assist the imperialist plans.

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Imperialist hands off Venezuela! BBC, no more lies!

Join us on 13 February at the Union Tavern, Lloyd Baker St, London for a public meeting on the lies and distortions of the 'liberal' media such as The Guardian, the BBC and other institutions: