March against the Housing Bill, 30 Jan 2016

On 30 January 2016 London branches of the Revolutionary Communist Group joined the March Against the Housing Bill, which went from Kennington to Downing Street to protest the Housing and Planning Bill, the final straw that will break social housing’s back.

The controversial bill will lead to the loss of between 80,000 and 200,000 council houses, a disaster for the working class. With the extension of Right to Buy, the building of ‘starter’ and ‘affordable’ rather than social homes, and market rent being imposed for social tenants with household incomes of more than £30,000 (£40,000 in London), Britain is plunging further into an ever-deepening housing crisis.

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London 'Stop Bombing Syria' march - 12/12/15

On Saturday 12 December, a contingent of Revolutionary Communist Group supporters attended the Stop The War Coalition's 'Stop bombing Syria' national demonstration in London.
We came with the message 'Hands off Syria' and through the messages on our banners and our speeches and chants on the sound system, sought to emphasize the imperialist nature of this war and the central role played by British capitalism in promoting global conflicts.

Special attention was given to the fact that infrastructure is being bombed in the name of combating Islamic State (IS), and the historical parallels; Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and Libya. British companies have been amongst those vying for lucrative contracts for reconstruction on every occasion.

The claim that the bombing campaign will somehow protect us from the threat posed by IS is itself a rather spurious one. The British state played a major role in facilitating the rise of IS in the first place, by the destruction and destabilisation of Iraq and then Syria, by Britain and its NATO allies.

As always we offered an open mic, allowing a variety of voices to be heard. Even those that disagree with our politics were allowed to speak, such is the democratic spirit with which we conduct our political work.

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Hands off Syria!

The Focus E15 table is innocent – release it now!

Newham council and police shut down Focus E15 street stall

On Saturday 5 December, the Focus E15 campaign was holding its weekly street stall in Stratford when police and a council official confiscated the stall table, bundling it into a police van like a person being arrested. This is the reality of the ‘right to protest’ in 2015.

As usual the campaign had been drawing attention to the housing crisis in Newham, a Labour borough in east London, home of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics and the second poorest borough in England. Newham has the severest housing need in London and 25% of homes are overcrowded. Thousands of people and families are in temporary accommodation and those that are offered housing are being sent out of borough and out of London. Labour Mayor Robin Wales, who in 1995 talked about ‘making Newham the new Islington’, is pushing ahead with gentrification. Newham is keeping over 400 council homes empty on the Carpenters Estate while luxury apartments are going up everywhere.

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Report: Hands off Syria demonstration, 5 December 2015

On Saturday 5 December, members and supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Group assembled in Trafalgar Square for an open mic protest against British airstrikes on Syria.

As the sound system powered out roots reggae rhythms, comrades gave some excellent speeches, denouncing British imperialism, the destruction of Iraq, Libya and now Syria. All these countries have been attacked on false pretences, with infrastructure as the primary target of bombing and capitalist profits as the motive.

Members of the public were invited to get involved, to take the mic and have their say, to sign our "Hands off Syria” petition and to get a copy of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

The banners and music drew crowds as comrades gave out leaflets and chatted with people about what is going on in Syria and what action we can and should be taking and why.

We have to create popular resistanceto the warmongering of Britain's ruling capitalist class and their representatives in Westminster. The Revolutionary Communist Group will be a part of this. You should join us to take democracy to the streets and demonstrate the political power of the people.

While the action was a great success, this is only the beginning, there is much more work to be done to build an effective anti-imperialist and revolutionary movement in the UK, so the call goes out to all that will hear, to get active and get involved, with organisation, we can win!

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