Nottingham Housing Justice Forum challenges pro-austerity council

Nottingham Housing Justice Forum protesters

On 5 March, a demonstration was held by the Nottingham Housing Justice Forum (NHJF), a local housing campaign committed to fight with those affected by the housing crisis for ‘Decent Housing for All!’ Nottingham RCG has been part of founding the campaign and has been centrally involved ever since working to build it. The demonstration was called to protest the full meeting of the city council, where councilors voted on the budget for 2018-19. This budget was to include £20m of cuts to public services to be followed by £7m later in the year.

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CPGB-ML lies and sectarianism

On 12 February the Communist Party of Great Britain - Marxist-Leninist (CPGB-ML) published a video on their Youtube channel, ‘Proletarian TV’. This video was of a Stop the War speaker on a demonstration in Birmingham against the Turkish attack on Afrin, who was calling for support for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. However, the CPGB-ML labelled this video as a speech from a member of the RCG. This video was tweeted by the national CPGB-ML twitter account on the same day with the text: ‘RCG calls for Labour government & British intervention in Syria’. After numerous people had pointed out that the video was clearly not of an RCG speaker, the title on Youtube was corrected, but without any public acknowledgment of the change. The tweet, however, was not removed.

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Birmingham council’s sham consultation on budget cuts

no cuts full stop

On 10 January 2018 the Labour-run Birmingham City Council (BCC) held a public meeting, with limited spaces, to ‘discuss’ the new council budget. This meeting and its accompanying online survey are the efforts of a council committed to austerity to appear democratic while making people choose between mental health care, housing provisions and environmental protection. BCC does this instead of setting a no-cuts budget that would defend the services the working class requires. Our position is no cuts full stop. Joe Smith reports.

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Nottingham Housing Justice Forum challenges housing crisis


Nottingham RCG is working with the Nottingham Housing Justice Forum (NHJF) to campaign for decent housing for all. Recently the NHJF has been supporting one of its members, Lorraine who, along with her teenage children (one of whom has acute special needs), was facing eviction on New Years’ Day. The local Housing Office has known about her situation since June but it took until October for Nottingham City Council to acknowledge that it has a duty to rehouse Lorraine locally. Even then all that was offered was temporary hostel accommodation, entirely unsuitable for her disabled son. In response, the campaign has held regular protests outside the City Hall and delivered over 240 petition signatures to Jon Collins, Labour leader of the Council. Days before Christmas Lorraine was informed that she would be rehoused in a temporary house, a great victory for the campaign. The campaign is clear that the pressure we applied has had no small part to play in this. As Lorraine said: ‘You have to be the one to stand up. Otherwise they’ll walk all over you.’

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