Hands Off Venezuela! No sanctions, no coup, no war for oil

Birmingham RCG demonstrate in solidarity with Venezuela
Our comrades in the Midlands were in Birmingham city centre on 16 February to build solidarity with Venezuela and the Bolivarian revolution. We denounce and oppose the illegal attempts by the United States to foment a coup against the democratically elected government in Venezuela. And we pointed out the role of the reactionary British press in spreading lies and distortions about the Latin American nation, the PSUV and their president Nicolas Maduro. The so-called 'liberal' Guardian and BBC have also involved themselves in this process to soften up public opinion for imperialist intervention. As well as continued sanctions which are having a devastating effect on the Venezuelan people (See FRFI 268, Imperialist Hands off Venezuela).

birmingham venezuela demo min

In our work in Erdington and other working class neighbourhoods of Birmingham, opposing the continued roll-out of Universal Credit and the destruction of social housing (see our website article, the 'new-look' Birmingham) we look to Venezuela, and Cuba, as an example! And we will continue to do so! Because we believe, like Hugo Chávez did, that 'Another world is possible. Another world is necessary.' And that world is a socialist one.

If you think this too and see the need to build an anti-imperialist, progressive, working-class movement in Britain please fill out a Join the RCG form to start that process.
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