London public meeting - Brexit chaos: the position of communists

On 16 January, David Yaffe, editor of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! addressed a public meeting at SOAS university in London discussing the politics and economics of Brexit, the day after Theresa May’s EU Withdrawal Bill was defeated in parliament with unprecedented opposition. The speech laid out the deep divisions within the ruling class over the crisis of British imperialism and explained that these lie at the heart of the political crisis over Brexit. In these conditions real possibilities exist for communists if they can expose the dangerous arguments being put forward by opportunist social democrats and all others seeking to mislead the working class. The continuing political chaos, and the reactionary positions being taken by all sides in the Brexit debate, vindicate the position taken by the Revolutionary Communist Group from before the EU referendum. The RCG has refused to take sides in this dispute between factions of the ruling class, and has instead argued for the need to build an independent working class movement to fight against austerity, racism and war. Get in touch with the RCG to be part of building that movement!

For more information, read David Yaffe's most recent article: Brexit chaos: no end in sight -


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