RCG Campaigns

We are active in campaigns throughout Britain against racism, austerity and imperialist war. Don't just get angry, get active, get organised! Find out more by exploring the links below.


Palestine campaigns

The decades long struggle of the Palestinian liberation challenges not only Israel occupation and racism, but British imperialist ambitions to divide, exploit  and occupy the Middle East.. Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! stands in full support of the Palestinian people and their fight for freedom. We call for everyone to join the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. For many years we have protested Marks and Spencer’s continuing trade and support with Israel. See our events and contacts pages to get involved. Read More

Defend socialist Cuba and revolutionary Latin America

Defend socialist Cuba and revolutionary Latin America - Rock around the Blockade! Viva Venezuela! Rock Around the Blockade   Viva Venezuela Today Cuba carries the banner of socialism as the leading example of what is possible when the working class and oppressed take power to transform society. Cuba has demonstrated the security of health care, education, food, housing and other fundamental human needs that socialism can bring to people, even in a country under blockade. In 1995 the RCG set up Rock around the Blockade (RATB), a campaign to inform and educate people in Britain about Cuba’s achievements. We have run 13 solidarity brigades to Cuba, taking activists from Britain to learn about Cuba’s achievements. RATB was a part of the international campaign for the release of the Cuban 5, who were finally released from US prison in 2015. We continue to campaign against the US blockade and use Cuba’s example to help bound a socialist movement here in Britain. Since the re-emergence of mass socialist movements in Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador, and the election of left-wing governments across Latin America, Cuba’s isolation has ended. It now plays a leading role in promoting trade agreements based on cooperation and mutual benefit, such as ALBA, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas. In Venezuela a powerful socialist movement has emerged and bought the socialist government of Hugo Chavez to power in 1998. In the context of interference and aggression from the United States the Venezuelan ruling class launched a vicious economic war and has now made electoral gains. The socialist movement is fighting on. Our role is to show solidarity, highlighting and  defending the gains that have been made for the poor in Venezuela. Join us to defend and publicise the achievements of Cuba and revolutionary movements across Latin America. Visit the Rock around the Blockade website for more information about the campaign. Read More

Fight the Cuts campaigns

As the capitalist crisis deepens the ruling class will do everything it can to make the working class pay for it. Since the economic crash in 2008 governments have launched a wholesale attack on our living standards. This takes the form of cuts to health, education and other services; removal of workers’ rights and destruction of social welfare and social housing. There is an urgent need to build a fighting anti-cuts movement, led by the most militant sections of the working class, and representing the needs of the entire class. Labour councillors across Britain have shed crocodile tears as they implement the most savage reductions in services in a generation. The movement must hold them to account if we are to get anywhere.RCG branches are involved in anti-cuts work throughout the country. See our events and contacts pages to get involved! Read More

Anti-Racism campaigns

Defend migrants and asylum seekers! Under Britain’s capitalist crisis xenophobia and racism are on the rise. While imperialist nations like  Britain brutally exploit and impoverish oppressed nations, they use immigration laws to keep out people fleeing from the resulting war and poverty. When migrants do come here, many are locked up in detention centres, deported, or forced to live without the legal right to work or access to public services. The politicians and mainstream media attempt to divert anger at declining public services against migrants rather than the real cause, capitalism. State racism and divide-and-rule government tactics create a fertile recruiting ground for far-right groups. The RCG fights against racism and fascism in all its forms. We support the right of oppressed people to defend themselves against racist attack. We oppose all immigration controls and actively organise against deportations and immigration prisons. See our events and contacts pages to get involved! Read More

Housing campaigns

The RCG campaigns for decent, safe, affordable housing for all. Capitalism has proven time and time again to be incapable of providing for this basic need - a housing sector run by private businesses for profit results in homelessness, insecurity and housing unfit for human habitation. Only socialism can build homes for all! A revolutionary movement is needed to solve the housing crisis for good. Read More

Defence campaigns

Defend the right to protest The state knows that people will rebel against austerity, which is why a web of legislation has been passed which will be used to police any movement that does emerge. This includes Public Order Acts, counter-terrorism laws, the Anti-Social Behaviour Act and anti-trade-union laws. Defending our right to protest and defending those who fall foul of the law is an essential part of resisting austerity. Over the years we have engaged in many successful campaigns to defend those under attack by the state for their participation in political protest. For example, the Glasgow Defence Campaign and the HSBC 3 Defence Campaign. Read our article, Know your rights, which lays out your basic rights in relation to protests. Read More


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