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Fighting for an ALTERNATIVE to Austerity - Teesside

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 Fighting for an ALTERNATIVE to Austerity

 Public Meeting & Book Launch

Sunday 7 December – 6pm

St Marys Centre
Corporation Road,

Map: St Marys Centre

Public meeting & book launch with speakers from the FOCUS E15 Campaign for social housing & Robert Clough, author of ‘Labour: A Party Fit for Imperialism’.
N.B. the Focus E15 Campaign & Robert Clough will also speak at the Tyneside Fighting for an ALTERNATIVE to Austerity meeting in Newcastle earlier in the day. For details, click here.

FOCUS E15 CAMPAIGN – FIGHTING AUSTERITY: In September 2013 a group of young mothers were threatened with eviction from the mother-and-baby unit of the Focus E15 hostel in Newham, East London. Their response was to organise a determined campaign for social housing - fighting to be housed in East London & organising with their wider community against the housing cuts implemented by Newham’s Labour council. 
The Focus E15 campaign has since become a beacon of resistance in austerity Britain & now they are coming to the North East to speak first-hand about their struggle! 
The campaign comes north — don’t miss it! Spread the word!

LABOUR – NO ALTERNATIVE: As in Newham, Labour councils in the North East have willingly implemented the Coalition's austerity policies, threatening and evicting tenants affected by the bedroom tax and slashing services, from play and youth services to refuse collection, parks, libraries and Sure Start. Now at the General Election some will say that a vote for Labour offers an alternative to austerity. To make sense of that claim we need to examine the history of the Labour Party and its relationship to the working class. Focus E15 campaigners will be joined on the platform by Robert Clough, whose book ‘Labour: A Party Fit for Imperialism’ exposes the lie that the Labour Party has ever stood for the mass of the working class. 

The meeting will include plenty of time for questions, discussion, and ways to get involved in action. All welcome. Both meetings will be free, child-friendly and wheelchair-accessible.

Social Housing NOT Social Cleansing
No cuts to benefits or services!
Why should the working class pay for the capitalist crisis?

 Facebook event: PUBLIC MEETING: Fighting for an ALTERNATIVE to Austerity

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