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School and college students step up the pace in Newcastle demonstrations

On Tuesday 30 November in Newcastle, hundreds of students from schools, colleges and universities made it through the snow to take action against cuts and rising fees. At the beginning of the demonstration, FRFI hosted an open mic against the cuts, including young people who had never spoken in public before, speaking out against the attacks on their future. Following a successful march coordinated by the occupiers of the Fine Arts Building at Newcastle University, hundreds went on to take further action against the banks and corporations whose interests are being served by the cuts. Over the next few hours protests took place inside local branches of Vodaphone, Lloyds TSB and HSBC. A large sit-down protest took place in the middle of Fenwicks, which hosts a Topshop department, owned by the billionaire, notorious tax-dodger and government adviser on the cuts, Philip Green. Police demonstrated once again the interests they serve, attempting unsuccessfully to prevent demonstrators from leaving the university campus to take action against banks in the city centre. But despite being harassed, pursued, threatened with arrest and at times kettled by the police, these demonstrators supported each other and refused to back down, and there were no arrests.

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Street Parliament' in the centre of Newcastle - 24 April 2010

On 24 April Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! activists organised a 'Street Parliament' in the centre of Newcastle. The aim was to draw attention to the fraudulent nature of the British parliamentary elections, in which we are invited to help choose which group of wealthy reactionaries will administer British imperialism for the next five years. Whatever the outcome of the election, the attacks by the ruling class will increase and the working class will be made to pay for the global economic crisis.

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Thousands demonstrate in Newcastle against cuts and fees!

On 24 November, thousands of school, college and university students erupted onto the streets of Newcastle, protesting against the education cuts and fees which began under Labour and have been further escalated by the Condem coalition.

Students took over roads across the city centre for over two hours, stopping traffic and with little opposition from the police. The police Forward Intelligence (FIT) teams were on the streets however, taking footage of demonstrators to add to their databases for future use. On the second trip to Monument FRFI activists organised an ‘open megaphone’ at the centre of the protest, which demonstrators used to express their opposition to the cuts. Students Against Cuts, which was founded this week to coordinate the walk-outs at Heaton Manor School, Gosforth High School, Longbenton Community College, Newcastle College and Gateshead College, released the following statement ahead of the protest:

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Solidarity with the people of Palestine - 8 Apri 2010l

On 8 April supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! came out in Newcastle in response to the escalating attacks on the Gaza strip and to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine by picketing Marks and Spencer, Britain’s biggest corporate sponsor of Israel.

Footage of the demonstration can be found here:



These attacks carried out over the last couple of weeks have included an incursion by several Israeli tanks which left two Palestinian fighters and two Israeli soldiers dead, an attack on a protest at the blockaded Gaza border which left a Palestinian teenager dead and several wounded, several bombing raids which left three children injured and attacks by helicopter gunships against civilian areas near the border with threats of more to follow.

Demonstrators flew Palestinian flags and a banner reading: ‘Your M&S sponsors Israeli terror! Freedom for Palestine! Boycott Israeli goods!’

There was street theatre, with an Israeli soldier and a dead Palestinian, to portray the daily reality lived by Palestinians. This drew a lot of positive attention, with people stopping to ask questions, sign our petitions and film the protest. But the police came and threatened to charge demonstrators under the public order act if they continued with the street theatre, because someone had reported it as they found it ‘distressing’. Maybe that person found it distressing because they were confronted with the bloody truth.

The demonstrators got together to democratically discuss what their response should be. They decided because it had been effective and because if it was causing people distress then they should get involved, to continue the protest, street theatre and all.

For info on M&S support for Zionism:


Isolate the Zionist, racist state of Israel! Victory to the Intifada!

Israel: off your trolley. Newcastle 5 December 2009

On Saturday 5th December supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! held a lively demonstration in support of Palestine to mark one year since Israel’s brutal attacks on Gaza. Using the slogan, ‘Israel: off your trolley’, protesters staged a rolling picket of high street companies involved in supporting Israel economically and politically.

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