What we stand for

The crisis of the capitalist system demands a political response. The RCG believes that the way for human society to progress – or even to survive – is for capitalism to be destroyed. The British ruling class will never allow the system which maintains its domination to be wished or voted away – it will take a revolution led by the working class. The only alternative to capitalism is socialism: a conscious and organised process of constructing society in which people cooperate in order to meet their needs rather than serve the dictates of private profits; a society enabling the full development of every individual rather than privilege for a few.

Britain is the oldest imperialist country in the world. It was the first to develop into monopoly capitalism – imperialism, and is still a major imperialist power, second only to the United States. Britain’s imperialist character has been decisive in determining British economic, social and political developments. The banking system and multinational corporations based in the City of London represent a parasitic and decaying capitalism. At the end of 2012 British international investments, including financial derivatives, amounted to around £10bn, more than 6.6 times Britain’s GDP. Whilst British banks and multinational corporations exploit the majority of humanity in oppressed countries, within Britain millions live in poverty, with many – women and oppressed black and immigrant people in particular – trapped in low wage, part-time jobs, or increasingly forced out of work altogether. Meanwhile, money-grabbers in private industries and banks continue to amass super profits and pay their directors inflated salaries, and the directors of our public services are richly rewarded for running them down.


Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! is 25 years old / FRFI 182 Dec 2004 / Jan 2005

FRFI 182 December 2004 / January 2005

David Yaffe sums up its contribution to the struggle for socialism in Britain

Our newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (FRFI) is 25 years old. The name of our newspaper is itself a political statement. It declares that fighting racism and imperialism must be at the heart of any socialist movement in imperialist Britain. It is a position that has directed the political theory and practice of the Revolutionary Communist Group for over 25 years.

From our first issue in November-December 1979, a consistent revolutionary anti-imperialist standpoint has determined the political content of FRFI. The core positions have not significantly changed but have been expanded and made more concrete as political experience and practice has forced us to develop them. The political outcome of struggles has often been different to what we had wanted and expected. The optimistic outcome that we fought for has frequently been set back by the opportunist forces mobilised against any militant working class or anti-imperialist movement. We have confronted such developments and learned the hard lessons from them for future struggles, as can be seen from the pages of FRFI.