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Free all South African Political Prisoners: support the Non-Stop Picket - FRFI no 23 October 1982

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'The picket has shown that the British state will use increasingly repressive methods against those who take the side of the oppressed fighting imperialism. The picket has shown that this collaboration with apartheid can be defeated.' Read more >

RCG public statement

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Victory in fight against Zionist censorship of our London meeting on Palestine!

Thanks to a large number of supporters who phoned or emailed the Kings Cross and Brunswick Neighbourhood Association, the organisation agreed that we could hold our meeting on 'Labour, Corbyn and Anti-Semitism' on Friday 21 September at its centre. Read more >>

Murder on the Rock, 6 March 1987

Murder on the RockTwenty-five years ago, on 6 March 1987, three unarmed members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) were shot dead by the British Army Special Air Service (SAS).  The cold-blooded execution of Mairead Farrell, Daniel McCann and Sean Savage was immediately welcomed by the Conservative government, led by Margaret Thatcher, by the Labour Party, led by Neil Kinnock, and by the British press, all of whom acclaimed the killings as a victory against terrorism.

In 1988 Larkin Publications published Murder on the Rock – a compelling account of how the three were killed in a pre-planned ambush, sanctioned at the highest level by the British government and the lengths the government and media then went to in an attempt to cover this up.   The pamphlet concludes with a list of over 50 victims of Britain’s shoot-to-kill policy in the north of Ireland between 1982 and 1987.

This important publication is no longer in print but can be read in full on line here publications/motr.html



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