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Marx and Engels: The Labour Aristocracy, opportunism and the British Labour movement - Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! no 27, March 1983

Carlos Tablada'Karl Marx died on 14 March 1883. One hundred years later the socialist revolution has yet to take place in any of the major industrial (imperialist) nations where it was expected to occur first. However, far from contradicting the fundamental principles of the founders of Marxism, such developments were anticipated in their writings and the principles were laid down for explaining them.' Read more >

RCG public statement

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Oppose Israel’s massacre in Gaza! Free Palestine!

Whilst US and Israeli dignitaries celebrated the official opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem on 14 May, more than 30,000 Palestinian unarmed protesters at the Gaza border were met with live fire and tear gas by the Israeli military. At least 60 unarmed people were massacred and more than 2,000 people were injured. Israeli jets also launched air strikes in Gaza. The RCG condemns the barbaric actions of the racist Israeli state and all its supporters and apologists. Read more >>

Nicaragua: which way now for Sandinistas after election landslide? - Nov 2011

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Daniel Ortega

The divide-and-rule tactics of US imperialism suffered a new setback, and the Bolivarian Alliance for the People’s of Our America (ALBA) was strengthened, by the landslide victory that returned the Sandinistas to power in Nicaragua’s November 2011 elections.

According to estimates by the electoral authorities, once nearly 86% of the votes had been counted, President Daniel Ortega had won 75% of the votes on a 70% turnout. Overall, in the congressional elections, the Sandinistas won just under 63% – more than double the votes won by their closest rivals, the Independent Liberals.

The Cuban newspaper Granma International, summed up the situation, stating:

‘An administration with majority popular support, and which benefited the most dispossessed of this poor central American national – this is the key to its triumph’.

An opinion poll found that the most popular Sandinista policies were its housing projects, accounting for 53% of government spending, and an employment programme that received another 18.6%. Other popular Sandinista programmes included road building, free education and scholarships. There has also been an impressive fall in infant and maternal mortality rates, and significant advances in controlling HIV/AIDS and other contagious diseases. The World Health Organisation’s representative in Nicaragua believes that the country is on course to meet the Millennium Development Goal to reduce maternal deaths by 75% by 2015 (compared to the year 2000).

All in all it is no wonder that these improvements – brought about with valuable assistance from Cuba and Venezuela, in the framework of ALBA – enabled the Sandinistas to comprehensively rout the assortment of US-funded bourgeois forces ranged against them.

Inevitably, there was a furious reaction from the most rabid sections of US imperialism.  According to Granma, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, chair of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs launched a furious attack on Ortega’s re-election and demanded the election results be considered invalid. Clearly by voting in the Sandinistas, the Nicaraguan people had violated the basic right of the US to run the country, via its bourgeois placemen… but then again, such violations have been a refreshingly common occurrence in Latin America of late.

Mike Webber