Kurdish self-determination in northern Syria (Guest Post)

Down with colonialism and imperialist aggression!

While the contradictions amongst the imperialists and former colonial powers continue over their bloody war against the hegemony of Syria and the Middle East, in Rojava (western Kurdistan) in northern Syria the Kurdish people have taken into their own hands the struggle for self-determination. Through an uprising begun in July 2012, a democratic alternative, based on the people’s commitment to brotherhood and freedom, has been born. The Kurdish people have taken control of all important spheres of life, and started building councils, in which all regional ethnic, religious and social groups are represented. The Kurdish people of Rojava (West Kurdistan) are taking steps towards building an alternative way, a way that is completely separate from that of the imperialists and regional reactionaries. Inevitably, it is being attacked from all sides. All progressive and re­volutionary forces must therefore take the side of this revolution in Rojava.

For the right of self-determination

Numbering over 40 million, the Kurdish people are one of the biggest nations today not to have their own state and suffering from the yoke of colonial oppression. Alt­hough the Kurdish people have fought throughout history for self-determination and freedom, their land is still divided into four parts dominated by Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Particu­larly in Turkey, but also in the other parts of Kurdistan, their existence was negated, their language, traditional clothes, music, literature and press banned and brutally suppressed. The revolution in Rojava is an uprising against colonial oppression. It is an uprising for the right to self-determination.

Rojava – an example of freedom and fraternity!

The Kurdish people in Rojava recently announced the creation of an interim transitional government – the clearest sign yet that they are moving towards autonomy in the areas they inhabit. The announcement came following a meeting in the northern city of Qamishli that involved Christian and Arab groups from across the Kurdish region. The plan calls for the creation of a parliament of 82 members elected from three cantons, which will each have their own local assemblies. People are creating their own social order in the cultural, political, social and economic area based on friendship between peoples and freedom.

It is also a revolution of women and the youth who are liberating themselves and starting to take control. They are building an education and health system, the revolu­tion is socialised and the society is poli­ticising itself. Communal council struc­tures where all the ethnic, religious and social groups of the region are represen­ted are being built as well military forces for the effective self-defence of the revo­lution in Rojava.

Hands off Rojava and Syria!

Rojava has become a source of hope for all the peop­les of the Middle East and this is exactly what those in power fear. For this reason they are murdering and pilla­ging and threatening to drown the revo­lution in Rojava in blood. By means of the embargo, joined by the Western imperialists and also the Barzani administration in South Kurdistan as well as Turkey, West Kurdis­tan is cut off from all channels of supply, encircle­ment and military attacks: the intent is to starve and destroy the Kurdish struggle in Rojava.

The colonialist fascist Turkish regime, one of the most aggressive war­mongers on the side of the imperialists, sees the danger of the Kurds historically gaining a political status in the Middle East with the Ro­java Revolution. Just as the bourgeois Turkish state uses delaying tactics to drag out the negotiation process with the PKK while carrying out preparations for war ever more overtly, so they have conducted a bloody expe­dition against the achievements in Roja­va. However, despite all these attacks, massacre of civilians, the embargo and bombardments, Rojava continues to resist.

In a new offensive, the Turkish state has recently started erecting a wall on the frontier with Rojava in an attempt to divide the Kurdish people on both sides of the border under the false pretext of national security. But it is actually the latest act of Turkish support for Islamist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant who have been attacking Kurdish villages in Rojava, killing and displacing thousands.

Defend Rojava

Let us determinedly struggle against imperialist aggression and colonialist oppression, let us carry our solidarity with the revoluti­on in Rojava to the streets and squares, let us extend it to every corner of the Middle East!

The people of Rojava are not alone! Let us support the revolution in Rojava with so­lidarity actions but also practically with urgently needed medicines and donations. Every contribu­tion is a contribution for the survival of the revolution in Rojava!

Support the people of Rojava!

Long live the Rojava Revolution!

Erkut Tekin


Support and donate for Rojava!


Every contribution is a contribution for just peace and freedom in Kurdistan, Syria and the Middle East!

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