FRFI 240 Aug/Sep 2014 - Cuts bite deep in poverty Britain

Imperialism & Crisis

First World War - Ominous portents for today

British state suffers setbacks in its war on migrants

Imperialists responsible for South Sudan collapse


British Economy - On the path to a new crisis

Phone-hacking trial

Public Sector Cuts      

Focus E15 campaign social housing, not social cleansing

Cuts bite deep in poverty Britain

Victimising claimants with disabilities

Women’s Oppression

Ending sexual violence in conflict: rhetoric and reality

Labour Party & Trade Unions

The Labour Party: a ruling class party


NHS - End privatisation and save our surgeries


Guilty verdict for Education Secretary Michael Gove


Cuba approves new foreign investment law to support development


Ukraine Tragedy and terror

Solidarity with migrants: taking on Fortress Europe

Latin America

Venezuela: Imperialist lies, socialist advances

Argentina: Imperialism’s financial grip

Middle East

The end of Sykes-Picot? - Redrawing the Middle East borders


Gaza: Days of rage - ‘Either we live in dignity or we all die’

United States

Support the struggle of prisoners in Georgia

Police & Prisons

Prison overcrowding – squalid and dangerous

Inside News

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