FRFI 247 Oct/Nov 2015 - Cracks open up in Fortress Europe

Imperialism & Crisis

Third phase of the global economic crisis

Fight the TTIP


Police & Prisons

Inside News

Liverpool: Free the Lovebank 4


No solution but to fight for health care

Labour & Trade Unions

Corbyn’s victory: Labour Party in crisis


Fighting sanctions in Scotland

Fight Racism

Cracks open up in Fortress Europe

Imperialism is to blame for the refugee crisis

Britain’s racist immigration history


No solution but to fight for health care

Public Sector Cuts

Newcastle: Save Elswick Pool!

Housing and Welfare

Focus E15 on the march - No evictions! No social cleansing!

Childcare in Britain simply unaffordable

Housing associations embrace the market

Benefit sanctions: criminalising the unemployed

Private landlords profit from unsafe homes

Sweets Way’s last stand 


Austerity in Greece: battles lie ahead

Ireland: Another Stormont crisis

Spain: Political manoeuvres ahead of general election 

United States

California prisoners win victory against solitary confinement

Latin America


Cuba dictates terms for normalisation, as US loosens trade restrictions

Pope Francis visits Cuba


Venezuela acts to secure its borders

Middle East

Turkey descending into chaos

Profit, hypocrisy and slaughter: Britain’s role in the war on Yemen


China stumbles


Letters - FRFI 247 Oct/Nov 2015


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