FRFI 13 Oct/Nov 1981 - Hunger strike ends

frfi 13Hunger strike ends

Hunger strikers’ relatives visit London

Cuban support for Hunger Strikers

Labour imperialists look after themselves

Democracy for the rich, repression for the poor

FRFI sellers fined

South Africa: TUC scab visit / SACTU statement

Leeds: vicious fines

Liverpool: conspiracy against Paul Conroy

Defend the Bradford 12

Two views of world poverty

Udham Singh: anti-imperialist

Central America: Guatemala, El Salvador

Revolutionary Grenada will not be stopped

The Communist Tradition on Ireland From Civil Rights to Insurrection

Iran: London Consulate occupied / Peoples Revolution in Iran

Reports from Ireland: Dundalk Conference / Ninteen on trial

RCG/FRFI monthly round-up and letters

Hands off Ireland: Ten dead hunger strikers / Glasgow ban on Irish marchers


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