FRFI 16 Feb 1982 - St Pauls answer to community policing

frfi 16St Pauls answer to community policing

Sinn Fein attacked

Sirs supports Apartheid

Editorial: Act now! Join the fightback!

Review: The Leninist ‘Communist Theoretical Journal’

South Africa in brief

Bloody Sunday anniversary

South Africa: Isolate Apartheid!

Repression and fightback: New Cross anniversary, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds

Poland: Left and right unite to fight socialism

Iran third anniversary of revolution

Turkey: Stop the Junta’s atrocities!

Smash Apartheid Now: The Free Steve Kitson Campaign

Guatemala: an eyewitness account

Notes and comments

Dundee trades council backs censorship

Review: Ngugi Detained: A writer’s prison diary

Irish POWs in England gaols

Prison strike

RCG/FRFI monthly round-up and letters

Hands Off Ireland! Irish government defeated


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