FRFI 37 Mar 1984 - Lebanon: imperialist strategy in tatters

frfi 37

Lebanon: imperialist strategy in tatters

Thatcher and son… and friends

Women prisoners on hunger strike

SWAPO Founder Released From Prison

Albertina Sisulu Gaoled

Manifesto of the RCG

South Africa: Stop the deportations

School strike against racism

If you want peace fight imperialism

Notes and comments

Police file

Iran-Iraq war

Japan: Behind the economic miracle – women’s oppression


Western Sahara: Polisario Front fight for national independence from Morocco

Euskadi: Nationalists increase vote


Racist US mental hospitals


Nicaragua: Sandinista elections

El Salvador: Rigged elections

Kenya: Political terror

Prisoners under attack – increased use of solitary confinement

Ireland: hunger strike planned, show trials, ISM news

Round-up and letters

Solidarity with Irish POWs


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