FRFI 55 Jan 1986 - Crisis looms for Anglo-Irish deal

frfi 55

Crisis looms for Anglo-Irish deal

Broadwater Farm: siege continues

Apartheid fails to quell revolt

Viraj Mendis appeal adjourned

Police Act: detailed guide

Liverpool City Council defeated by Kinnock

Further setbacks for Scargill and NUM

More scandal rises from City sewers

Further setbacks for Scargill and NUM

City AA militant sent to gaol

South Africa burns but for AAM leadership it’s business as usual

Building unity against Apartheid

Police attack fails to deter picket for Viraj Mendis

The inquest on Mrs Cynthia Jarrett

The police and Criminal Evidence Act

The crisis in Columbia

UNESCO: Foreign policy for sale

Philippines: Elections offer no hope

Greece: Workers resist

Plots against the Seychelles

Prisoners and the County Court

Hands Off Ireland: Strip-searched fifty times a month


Divided Britain 1985


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