FRFI 262 Feb/Mar 2018 - Carillion: What is hidden in the ruins

frfi 262Britain


Brexit chaos and Tory rifts as the City prepares

Carillion: What is hidden in the ruins

Police & Prisons

Immigration detention: Deadly and punitive

The injustice of joint enterprise

Housing and Welfare

Why housebuilders make extortionate profits

Grenfell Fire: The fight for justice must intensify

Housing in briefs - FRFI 262 February/March 2018


NHS in crisis - worse to come

King's College Hospital in special measures

Fight Racism

Britain and France reinforce racist border controls

Protest and Resistance

Solidarity action: Organising non-stop against apartheid


Spain: an oligarchic state challenged by the people's will

Ireland: a litany of scandal

Latin America

Venezuela: 'The commune or nothing'

Cuba's gay revolution: Normalising sexual diversity - book review

United States

Trump administration continues reactionary offensive

Middle East

Turkey's attack on Afrin

Iran: anti-austerity protests

Free Ahed Tamimi!


Tunisia protests: 'What are we waiting for?'


Plastic world: the manifestation of anarchic capitalist production


Letters - FRFI 262 February/March 2018


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