FRFI 265 August/September 2018 - Palestine: resistance to imperialist plans

FRFI 265


Fight imperialism

Corbyn silent in face of Zionist onslaught

Capitalist crisis

Brexit: Tory infighting shatters government illusions

The 'inequality question' has no solution under capitalism

British government plans further expansion of oppressive terror laws

Police & Prisons

Chief Inspector says prison conditions worse than ever

Lewes prison mutiny trial collapses

Housing and Welfare

Grenfell inquiry: time to focus on the real criminals

Tories and Labour refuse to bury disastrous Universal Credit

SNP in Scotland: no place for the poor

Broadwater Farm estate resist social cleansing

Land banking


NHS at 70: a vital service under constant attack


Trump stirs it up again


Immigration in Europe: fight racist border controls

Fire in Greece: a 'natural' disaster fuelled by the drive for profit

Latin America

Cuba debates new constitution

Cuba strides ahead with renewable energy ambitions

Nicaragua: US determined to remove Ortega's government

Mexico: Obrador's election offers cautious hope for the working class

Middle East

Palestine: resistance to imperialist plans

Syrian government consolidates control

Turkey: Erdogan's rule is built on quicksand


Letters - FRFI 265 August/September 2018


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