Mickael Behn: drop the claim! Hands off Cuba!

On 15 March 2024, Rock around the Blockade (RATB) protested outside the London offices of Mickael Behn against his $440m lawsuit targeting cruise ship companies previously involved in tourism to Cuba. Behn is suing these cruise companies under Title III of the Helms-Burton Act which was activated by US president Trump in 2019. After lobbying US politicians, Democrat and Republican, Behn convinced a US district court judge in Miami to recognise his claim to his grandfather’s shares in the Havana Docks Company which was seized after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959. The Delaware-based company held a lease to operate three docks in Havana before 1959; this lease expired in 2004. Yet Behn accuses the cruise companies of ‘trafficking’ in his inheritance. RATB calls on Mickael Behn to drop the claim; we say no economic war on Cuba!