FRFI 249 Feb/Mar 2016 - We demand housing for all

Imperialism & Crisis

Panic hits global markets


Labour Party & Trade unions

Labour Party: no end to its crisis as Corbyn accepts Tory cuts


How SNP government votes for cuts and austerity

Police & Prisons

Holloway prison to close Summer 2016

G4S caught in the act of abusing child prisoners

Scotland: Jailing then failing the vulnerable

Fight Racism

Red door apartheid for asylum seekers

Calais - Migrants fight for their lives


Crisis in mental health services

Starving the NHS of staff and money

Prevent - criminalising Muslims


Education notes - FRFI 249 Feb/Mar 2016

Housing and Welfare

We demand housing for all

Blitzkrieg! sink estates and starter homes

Care home meltdown

Back to the future - no place to call home


Fortress Europe kills to protect imperialism

Special Category – the long war of Irish prisoners in England

United States

US economy: a moribund giant

Latin America

Cuba: still under siege

Venezuela: new battles lie ahead

Middle East

Kurds resist Turkish state onslaught

Britain continues to fuel slaughter in Yemen

Palestine: youth lead the resistance


Tories can’t hide indifference after Storm Desmond floods

How the demands of capital denuded Britain of its natural flood defences


Letters -FRFI 249 Feb/Mar 2016