FRFI 252 Aug/Sep 2016 - Brexit intensifies Britain’s crisis

frfi 252Imperialism and Crisis

Brexit intensifies Britain’s crisis

The Chilcot Inquiry: Imperialists waged illegal war


Fight Racism

Theresa May – racist Home Secretary becomes racist Prime Minister

Organise against state racism

Police & Prisons

British prisons – ‘tough, unpleasant and uncomfortable’

Free Tony Taylor!


NHS‘Reset’ into chaos


The unacceptable face of capitalist education

Housing and Welfare

Corbyn and the Labour Party: divisions deepen

Housing for all: News in brief

Housing associations: private monopolies

Hands off the Anatolian People’s Cultural Centre!

Focus E15 campaign: fighting slum ‘temporary accommodation’


Victory against prison brutality in Scotland

Latin America

History has absolved Fidel Castro - Happy 90th birthday!

Cuban workers in the Revolution

Venezuela political assassinations target Chavistas as tensions mount

Colombia the continued struggle for peace and justice


Brexit and Ireland: Loyalism is racism – and these racists have guns

Middle East

Coup attempt in Turkey: war on Kurds continues