FRFI 253 Oct/Nov 2016 - Who will build homes for the working class?

frfi 253Imperialism and Crisis

Imperialism and the split in the working class movement

Crisis and the manipulations of high finance


In Memoriam - Debbie Derbyshire

Labour Party & Trade unions

Bourgeois Labour Party – no change with Corbyn at the top

Deliveroo drivers lead the way in fighting casualisation and low pay

Haringey care workers fight low pay and poor conditions

Fight Racism

Racist Britain 2016 time to fight back

Police & Prisons

Justice for the Craigavon Two! - End brutality in Maghaberry prison!

Books behind bars


Health Matters fight the cuts


Fight racist and elitist selective education

Housing and Welfare

Who will build homes for the working class?

Housing in briefs

Pay more to stay – no way

Victory for Aylesbury Estate leaseholders

Overall benefit cap: terrorising the poor


Spain: Divided ruling class faces impasse


Scotland: Who owns the land?

Latin America

Cuban revolutionary scientific advances continue

Cuba vs the US blockade

Fact and fiction in Venezuela’s recall election

United States

US prisoners demand an end to prison slavery

US presidential election farce drags on


In Memoriam - Michael Holden

Middle East

Syria: Aleppo becoming epicentre of global war

Victory for Palestinian prisoner Bilal Kayed – step up the solidarity


Letters - FRFI 253 Oct/Nov 2016