FRFI 3 Mar/Apr 1980 - Victory! Landslide win for Zanu and Zapu

frfi 3

Victory! Landslide win for ZANU and ZAPU

Fine words, foul deeds, false friends

Editorial: Black Freedom March

ZECC against an emergency campaign

Bristol Rally

Black Freedom March – statement by AYMB

South Africa goes to war

ANC leads: A visit to a South African jail

Earlington family wins the first round

Wormwood scrubs

CPGB exposed

Anwar Ditta campaign

Interview with Sean Mac Stiofain

Hornsey Police attack again

The murder of Guiseppe Conlon

H-Block – the struggle goes on

Police conspiracy in Cardiff/North of England Irish Prisoners Committee

Hands off Ireland! Supporters arrested in Bristol

Celtic fans defend Hands Off Ireland