FRFI 255 Feb/Mar 2017 - Brexit, Trump and the populist right

frfi 255Imperialism and Crisis

Brexit, Trump and the populist right

Trump in power - Imperialist rivalries, trade wars and the threat of armed conflict

Brexit Desperation grows


Labour Party & Trade unions

Opposing austerity, challenging racism and fighting for socialism means destroying the Labour Party

Police & Prisons

Swaleside – collective misery will become common purpose

Overcrowded, violent and desperate – prisons erupt

Violently attacked by Wakefield search team


Boycott the racist school census: Keep border controls out of our classrooms


Grinding down the NHS - An attack on the working class

Housing and Welfare

Housing: No respite for the working class under London’s Labour Mayor

Overall Benefit Cap reduction hits poorest in north London

Greater Manchester council cuts

Housing In Brief


Necessary trouble - The rising tide of organised resistance in the United States

Socialist History

1917–2017 the February Revolution


Fortress Europe

Ireland ‘power-sharing’ executive collapses

Latin America

Cuban socialism not up for negotiation in the post-Fidel, Trump era

Venezuela: the battles to come

United States

Trump in power - What is really going on?

Free all political prisoners still behind bars in the US

Middle East

Syria: Government victory in Aleppo a major setback for NATO imperialists

Palestine: Zionists tighten their grip


Letters - FRFI 255 Feb/Mar 2017