FRFI 41 Jul/Aug 1984 - The miners strike: Belfast comes to Blidworth

frfi 41

The miners strike: Belfast comes to Blidworth

Five people go to gaol: police defend terrorist embassy

Ten years in English gaols: an interview with Reamonn Mac Lochlainn

Nest egg for the rich

David Kitson: Defiant and free after 20 years in apartheid gaols

The pavement is ours!

Viraj Mendis: Here to stay, here to fight

Kinnock attacks Black sections / BL workers fight racism

Notes and comments

Panama: US colony

Bolivia: storm of revolution

Reviews: Black people in Britain

The atom bomb: weapon of imperialist blackmail

India: Gandhi’s ploy backfires

Terror in Sri Lanka

Prisoners Fightback


Hands off Ireland: Shoot to kill is legalised