FRFI 58 Apr 1986 - Apartheid terror: black people fight back

frfi 58

Apartheid terror: black people fight back

Nicaragua: Reagan’s bandits on the run

Maggie Thatcher’s boot boys

Witch hunt: Kinnock attempts to expel 12 Militant Liverpool LP members

Hedging and backsliding – Doncaster miner article

Budget: nothing for the poor

Print unions stop a serious fight 

Planning more repression

British and US warmongers

Editorial: Police violence against 2 MU students  

Angola hits back at US and South Africa  

Month of inaction 

Non-Stop Picket

Demonstrate on 19 April

City AA counters sectarianism

The showtrial that nobody could watch: Broadwater Farm Estate 13

Strike against race checks

Rotten apples a bumper harvest

We must defend ourselves 

People and politics: Viraj Mendis black communist

Police file

Trading in death – increase of heroin in Thatcher’s Britain 

Politics of Profit: Rich get richer, working class divides    

Aquino walks the tightrope

Haiti: No more Duvalierism

Peru throws out IMF

Libya-US aggression escalates  

Spain: Seven million stand firm against NATO  

Letter from Palestine

Understanding Marxism - #3: mystical veil of commodity production

Prisoners fightback

Hands off Ireland! Loyalist attacks on RUC

Unity in action stop strip searches

Loyalist terror

Evelyn Glenholmes free!

Letter: reply to Militant from Republican POW Lawrence McKeown, H-Blocks  


March against strip searches

Black Hells Angel murdered in custody

Easter 1916: James Connolly - Hold on to your rifles