FRFI 111 Feb/May 1993 - Big business, their profit, your loss

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Editorial: United Nations: imperialism’s colonial office

Oppose all pit closures

Unemployment: Millions on the dole

South Africa: ANC edges closer to deal with regime

Angola: Imperialists back Unita in Civil War

Bill Clinton: meet the new boss

Ireland: new government – no new solutions

Casement Park trials – travesty of justice

Yes for Cuba: Elections for People’s Power

Transnationals: The gloved fist of imperialism

Somalia and Iraq: The new colonialism in action

Fortress Europe: The Asylum Bill

Communism, fundamentalism and the Palestinian struggle

Turkey: New socialist party formed

National liberation: Communism and the armed struggle

Prison privatisation: the US experience

Kinnock’s Labour: Defeat from the jaws of victory


Fortress Europe and the Asylum Bill