FRFI 264 June/July 2018 - Windrush: Britain's racist hostile state

FRFI 264


Fight Racism

Windrush: Britain's racist hostile state

Windrush: the roots of state racism

No more charter flight deportations!

Fight racism in housing for asylum seekers


Brexit: The end game approaches as imperialist rivalries intensify

Police & Prisons

Birmingham prison spotlight shone - nothing done

Inside news - FRFI 264 June/July 2018

Housing and Welfare

Grenfell one year on: a litany of failures


NHS: prospects for recovery are poor

Fight imperialism

Labour Party: no room for anti-Zionists

Glasgow RCG: fighting for democracy to defend Palestine

Women’s Oppression

Ireland: victory against repressive abortion laws

50th anniversary

May '68


Racism on the rise in Europe

Latin America

The revolution renewed

Death of Luis Posada Carriles, CIA terrorist

Venezuela: imperialist pressure mounts as Maduro is re-elected

Middle East

Syria: air strikes fail to prevent government victories

Palestine: unending Zionist terror


Letters - FRFI 264 June/July 2018