FRFI 267 Dec 2018/Jan 2019 - BREXIT CHAOS: No end in sight

frfi 267Capitalist crisis

BREXIT CHAOS: No end in sight

Labour Party & Trade unions

A reactionary swamp: Brexit and the British left

Fight Racism

Living in the hostile environment: a Birmingham family’s experience of state racism

The racist attack on migrants

Councils failing to care for asylum children

Housing and Welfare

Grenfell Fire: how the fight for justice was derailed

Councils failing to care for asylum children

New mayor of Newham… same old politics

Universal Credit: Tories stumble but Labour flounders

Childcare costs and Universal Credit hit the poorest women hardest

Precarious work: a hidden labour reserve


Ireland: DUP gets its fingers burned


The world stands with Cuba in condemning genocidal US block

‘TROIKA OF TYRANNY’: War on the struggle for socialism in Latin America

US hypocrisy on display at the UN

Middle East

Yemen: still no victory for Saudi Arabia

Lethal divisions in the Middle East


Fighting to defend free speech on Palestine in London

Palestine: Israeli coalition crumbles

United States

What is Trump’s foreign policy?

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, US political prisoner

Prisoners fightback

Prison staff armed and extremely dangerous


World has 12 years to solve climate change