FRFI! 277 Aug/Sep 2020 - Racist Britain: the people fight back

FRFI 277Capitalist crisis

Racist Britain: the people fight back

Britain: ‘a vassal of the US’

Imperialist hands off Hong Kong

Britain’s fast fashion sweatshops


Labour always a racist imperialist party

Covid-19 ‘mini-budget’: Delaying the inevitable

Gender Recognition Act: trans rights abandoned

Kicking the poor when they’re down

Coronavirus crisis

Britain’s test and trace fiasco

Fight Racism

Racist policing in the pandemic

Prisoners Fightback

Prisons use pandemic to enforce repression

Failing Chris Grayling

Defend the right to protest against racism in Newcastle

Mears profits from Covid-19 misery: refugees resist

Latin America

Bolivia coup government suspends elections – again

Pirates of the Caribbean: Britain’s theft of Venezuela’s gold

Cuba vive

With Covid-19 under control Cuba launches new economic battle

Brigades against the machine

Middle East

Israel’s annexation plan put on hold

Old demons haunt Lebanon

United States

US imperialism and endless war

US anti-racist rising faces state terror


Fossil fuel: capitalism’s source of energy

Socialist History

Marx and Engels on the US Civil War: ‘a struggle between revolution and counter-revolution’


Letters FRFI 277 August /September 2020