FRFI! 280 February/March 2021 - Coronavirus in capitalist Britain

FRFI 280Editorial

Socialism the only answer

Capitalist crisis

Coronavirus in capitalist Britain

Tory Party: the fumbling Temeraire

NHS buckling under the pandemic

Brexit and the City of London

Brexit trade deal: Johnson's gamble

Working class children a meal ticket for the rich

Pandemic Britain: fight your way to the front!

Socialist history

Engels at 200: the torch still burns

The Paris Commune today

Fight racism

Fighting back against Britain's racist immigration camps

Review: Steve McQueen and the making of history with Small Axe

Fight imperialism

Israel's vaccine racism

India: farmers challenge 'invincible' Modi government

Labour hires former Israeli spy

US Capitol invasion: a lightning flash across the political landscape

Britain, EU and China: the fault lines show

Unionist terror gangs commanded by the British state

Britain's covert war on Venezuela


Capitalism and the banana crisis

Cuba vive

'Day Zero' in Cuba

Prisoners fightback

The living hell of the IPP sentence

The fight continues to free Julian Assange

Legal sector workers stand in solidarity with prisoners


Letters FRFI 280, February/March 2021