FRFI 281 April/May 2021 - Defend the right to protest

Capitalist crisisFRFI 281

Pandemic exposes class and racist division in capitalist/imperialist Britain

Defend the right to protest

Covid, policing and protest

Labour: never the time for opposition

Councils face financial disaster

Fight for our health, our lives, our NHS

A precarious victory for gig workers

Covid Britain

Britain plans to 'live with' dangerous virus

Fight Racism

Close the camps! decent housing for all! 

No to Hassockfield prison! End immigration detention!

Solidarity with asylum seekers

Gypsy, Traveller and Roma community under attack

Fight imperialism

Yemen burns as imperialists plot wars to come


Capitalist Britain cannot face up to climate crisis


US: whistling in the dark

Britain and Bolsonaro

Brazil: Bolsonaro joins hands with Death

Cuba vive

Cuba libre to be Covid-libre: five vaccines and counting…


Franco’s legacy: political censorship and repression in Spain

Prisoners fightback

Covid in prison: a year of lockdown, infection and anxiety


Changing structures of global labour power

British imperialism in Kenya and the Mau Mau resistance

Art Activism and the fight for revolutionary change


Letters - FRFI 281 April/May 2021