FRFI 283, August/September 2021 - Coronavirus: a class question

frfi 282

Capitalist crisis

Coronavirus: a class question

The British state culls disabled people

A perfect storm on the horizon for the poor

Who wants to be a millionaire? World wealth surges under Covid-19

Desperate times as evictions rise

Fight the Randstadisation of education

Health matters

Fight Racism

British justice: violent, racist, sexist

New immigration bill: attacking, criminalising and impeding migrants

British state, racist state

George Jackson: the rage undammed

1981 uprisings and the vanguard of the working class

Fight Imperialism

Palestine: new Zionist government, same racist project

Turkey's escalating war on the Kurds

Ireland: 100 years of division

The class struggle in Peru

Colombia: protests are forcing change

US aims to derail Nicaragua's November elections

Going for gold: imperialist hypocrisy on Venezuela exposed

Climate Crisis

G7 offers nothing while world burns

Cuba vive

Protests in Cuba: US policy 'to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow of government'

SWP: standing with imperialism against Cuba

RCG: the streets belong to the revolutionaries

Prisoners fightback

Stop imprisoning children!

From lockdown to lock-up

Free Julian Assange: defend freedom of the press


Letters - FRFI 283 August/September 2021