FRFI 285 Dec 2021/Jan 2022 - Energy crisis: poor left to freeze

frfi 285

Capitalist crisis

Energy crisis: poor left to freeze

Covid-19 response: a path to social murder

The law of the jungle: property boom fuels housing crisis


NHS running on empty

Parliamentary politics

Corruption scandals expose Tory divisions

Fight Imperialism

US and China: danger ahead

Brazil: Bolsonaro condemned

Bolivia: masses mobilise against counter-revolutionary strike

Nicaragua Sandinista victory in open elections

Venezuela: mega-elections see gains for socialist forces

Fight Racism

Anwar Ditta: anti-racist fighter 1953-2021

 Imperialism's deadly borders

Climate Crisis

COP26 joins graveyard of agreements

COP26 coalition: a pillar of respectability

COP26 and the Autumn Budget and Spending Review

Developing countries debt: extreme usury

FRFI interviews Cuban representative at COP26

Bolivia says no to green imperialism

Cuba vive

Cuba: US-backed protests flop

Middle East

Palestine: Zionist state on the offensive

Prisoners fightback

IPP sentence - no way out

US state vs Julian Assange

Socialist History

Legacy of the Bolshevik Revolution


Fighting the fascists in London's East End: review of Ridley Road

Film review: socialism, the only solution to the climate crisis


Letters - FRFI 285, December 2021/January 2022