FRFI 288, June/July 2022 - Ukraine: US proxy war

frfi 288Fight Imperialism

Ukraine: US proxy war

Russia - an imperialist state

Rwanda: tool of imperialism

Palestine: imperialism covers up for Zionist war crimes

Palestine Action shuts down Israeli weapons company

Yemen: a deceptive peace

Who controls oil controls the world

Colombia: unabated atmosphere of pre-electoral violence

Venezuela: US offers sanctions relief as economy strengthens

Murder of Thomas Sankara: imperialism let off the hook

Capitalist crisis

Broken NHS

Bonded labour in the NHS

Energy bill relief: Sunak's quick fix won't solve cost of living crisis

Covid-19 in Britain: living in denial

Tories in turmoil

Johnson uses north of Ireland for leverage

US supreme court attacks abortion rights

Fight Racism

Outsourcing asylum seekers: state human trafficking 

Climate Crisis

Eye-witness account from Just Stop Oil action

Britain continues to wreak environmental havok

Cuba vive

Biden's concessions to Cuba leave blockade intact

May Day Brigade 2022: build the future!

Protesters across Britain tell HSBC: 'you blockade Cuba, we blockade you!'

Prisoners fightback

Muslim prisoners' human rights under attack

The fight for Assange is the fight for journalistic freedom

Just Stop Oil prisoners

Sundiata Acoli finally free


In defence of socialism, past, present and future

A searing indictment of French colonialism


Letters - FRFI 288, June/July 2022