FRFI! 299 April/May 2024 - Palestine: A crisis for the ruling class

frfi 299

Capitalist crisis

British economy running on empty

Working class bears brunt of capitalist crisis

PFI Continues to bleed schools dry

Birmingham’s bankrupt Budget

Fight Imperialism

Imperialists bloody their hands in Sudan

‘Neutral’ Ireland Backs US Imperialism

Imperialist plans for Haiti in tatters

Venezuela: US sets stage to undermine elections

Ukraine NATO provocation risks deadlier conflict

Palestine Resists

Palestine: A crisis for the ruling class

Drenched in blood - Britain’s ties to Zionism

Israel starves Gaza

UN votes on Gaza

Review: End British support for Zionism


NHS contracts: would you trust this company with your personal data?

Climate crisis

Climate Crisis - The threat to capital

Cuba Vive

Cuba: fight the lies, end the blockade

Victory to CubaInformación!

Mickael Behn: drop the claim! Hands off Cuba!

Prisoners fightback

Free the Palestinian hostages!

Bedford Prison: The truth must come out

Gang culture vs solidarity

Censorship of FRFI

Julian Assange fighting for his life


The miners’ strike 40 years on: people versus state