FRFI! 300 Jun/Jul 2024 - General Election - Don’t vote organise

frfi 300

Capitalist crisis

The turn of the screw benefit claimants pay price of crisis

Shut down Rafael!

US-China trade war globalisation in retreat

Ukraine British imperialism drives to war

US expands its interests in Latin America

Fight Imperialism

45 Years of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

Sudan Civil War - Imperialism out of Africa

West Africa resists imperialism

New Caledonia rises up against French imperialism

Stop Cop City: end police militarisation

Fight Racism

General Election - Don’t vote organise

Rwanda deportations on hold again

Palestine Resists

Palestine resistance undefeated

US students rise up for Palestine

Police suppress palestinian solidarity across Europe

Palestine music and liberation

Climate crisis

Climate crisis and the working class

Cuba Vive

Cuba, Palestine, Venezuela: The frontline against imperialism

Cuba supports student protests

Prisoners fightback

Mumia speaks to students in solidarity with Palestine

Prison system overcrowded and deadly

Take Cuba off the terror list!


India bourgeois illusions mask capitalist rot

Fund Drive 2024

Fund Drive 2024: Help us raise £30,000