FRFI 241 Oct/Nov 2014 - War on ‘IS’ targets Syria

Imperialism & Crisis

Unending global crisis reinforces divisions over Europe



Crime in the city

British ruling class: the perpetuation of privilege

Fight Racism

Operation Skybreaker: Defending migrant rights

Public Sector Cuts 

Focus E15 campaign declares ‘Open House’

General election - Westminster parties gear up for more of the same austerity and lies

Parents against cuts to Sure Start in Newcastle


Scottish Independence Referendum - Ruling class panics as Scottish youth and oppressed show the way forward

Labour Party & Trade Unions

How to support Labour and hope to get away with it


Education Notes: Gove may have gone but the market marches on


Ukraine - Contradictions sharpen despite ceasefire

Spain - Solidarity is the future

Latin America

PSUV Congress agrees Bolivarian Revolution’s line of march

Argentina?US venture capitalist attack dogs

World Bank finds Cuban education best in Latin America and the Caribbean


Another USAID attack on Cuba

Middle East

War on ‘IS’ targets Syria

A critical time for the Kurdish struggle


Palestine - Zionists renege on ceasefire agreement

Building solidarity with Palestine –despite Labour attacks


Ebola epidemic – Cuba sends doctors, imperialists send soldiers

Police & Prisons

Inside News - G4S pay out for unlawful handcuffing

Manufacturing radicalisation

Wormwood Scrubs – still ‘filthy and unsafe’


Letters / FRFI 241 Oct/Nov 2014