FRFI 36 Feb 1984 - Cuba: 25 Years of Revolutionary Advance

frfi 36

Cuba: 25 Years of Revolutionary Advance

Thatcher tightens the screw

Bans and dirty tricks

Brutality at Greenham

Heroin – Unseen Imperialist Tool

Hands Off Angola

Anti-racist fightbacks

Bradford – Racism in schools

Racist violence hits French car plant in Talbot-Poissy


Notes and Comments

Police File

Nigerian coup

USA – war spending prepares crisis

The people vs IMF: Resistance in Tunisia and Morocco

The Labour Party and Greece

Reviews: Lenin 1870-1924

Jamaica – Seaga

El Salvador – $8bn to fascists and counter-revolutionaries

Prisoners Fightback

Ireland: Armed attacks, ISM News

Round-up and letters

Hands Off Ireland