FRFI 258 Jun/Jul 2017 - Ruling class divided

frfi 258

Imperialism and Crisis

Ruling class divided


Labour Party & Trade unions

Deliveroo riders continue the battle for workers’ rights

Fighting back against London’s Labour councils

Victory to the LSE cleaners!

Police & Prisons

New prisons for old ... as prime sites redeveloped for luxury flats

New control units to open for ‘extremist’ prisoners

Court victory for the Anatolian People’s Cultural Centre


Plot against Muslim community exposed

Fight Racism

Corbyn and co fall in line with the racist status quo

Housing and Welfare

Revolutionary Communist Group statement on Grenfell Tower

Overall benefit cap 11 families evicted in Edinburgh

Theresa May’s dementia tax

The fight for decent housing in Manchester


Scotland: Fighting Labour and the SNP

Socialist History

1917–2017 centenary - May to July


French imperialism finds a safe pair of hands

Ireland: Caught in the crossfire


Libya: The legacy of NATO’s war

Latin America

Brazil: Ruling class in crisis

United States

Free Leonard Peltier!

Trump, Russia, climate change and resistance

Middle East

Resistance until victory - Palestinian prisoners show the way

Crisis over Qatar

Saudi Arabia: Malevolent and dangerous


Britain’s plunder of India


Letters - FRFI 258 Jun/Jul 2017