FRFI 269 Apr/May 2019 - Brexit: Tory government in meltdown



Brexit: Tory government in meltdown

Protecting the rich while hammering the poor

Police & Prisons

‘Perpetual crisis’ in young offender institution

Not so smart justice

Inside news - FRFI 269 Apr/May 2019

Housing and Welfare

Grenfell inquiry: justice denied

Social care 2019: misery, poverty, anarchy

Holloway Prison site sell-off


Absolute breaking point for education system

Labour Party & Trade unions

Labour Party: Irredeemably pro-Zionist

Labour backs social cleansing in Manchester


North of Ireland: On the edge of Europe

Latin America

Manufacturing consent for war on Venezuela

Cuba: A political system chosen by the people

Trump administration escalates sanctions against Cuba

Colombia: No choice but to fight

United States

Elliott Abrams – the perfect criminal

US: a warning written in numbers

Middle East

Zionist racism on display in Israeli election campaign


Algeria: protesters demand change

Imperialist sanctions making Zimbabwe scream


Climate protests – a breath of fresh air


Going, going, gone… the great sell-off of Britain’s public land


Letters – FRFI 269 Apr/May 2019