FRFI 274 February/March 2020 - Capitalism: exploitative, reckless and unsustainable

frfi 271Climate crisis

Capitalism: exploitative, reckless and unsustainable

COP25: a corporate cop-out

First they came for the eco warriors...

Australia wildfires

The 'tsunami of data' and climate chaos

Capitalist crisis

Brexit Britain faces harsh realities

Isolation and the myth of 'bad behaviour'

Housing crisis spinning gold out of human misery

Inequality and debt in Britain

Duke and duchess of Sussex negotiate voluntary redundancies

What's in a (royal) name?

France: attack on pensions sparks nationwide strikes

Labour Party

General Election 2019: the legacy of Thatcherism

Labour leadership election: crossing class lines

Stand Up To Racism - but never to Zionist racism

Fight Imperialism

Bolivia: coup leaders manoeuvre to steal election

Chile: Constituent Assembly now!

Trump's 'peace plan' demands Palestinian capitulation

India: widespread resistance to racist laws

US assassination of Qasem Suleimani reverberates across the Middle East

French imperialism tightens its grip on Africa

A year of Bolsonaro

Cuba vive

Cuba advances despite Trump's attacks

Two Helms-Burton lawsuits fail at US court

Prisoners fightback

Government exploits tragedy to impose tough prison agenda

Bourgeois 'justice' as racist as ever


Book review: how Ireland's truth became the lie


Sergio Lagos: a revolutionary fighter 1 December 1930 - 1 January 2020


Letters - FRFI 274, February/March 2020