FRFI 295 August/September 2023 - Fight back or starve

 FRFI 295

Capitalist crisis

Fight back or starve

The crisis of working class leadership

Stand up against repressive laws

Throwing fuel on the flames of Britain's housing crisis

Fight Imperialism

Ukraine: bloody battleground of imperialism

Colombia: historic pact under pressure

Argentina: down with the reform in Jujuy

Palestine: resistance in Jenin

Ireland: dependency and inequality

Fight Racism

Stop and search 'a racialised weapon'

Racist British state criminalises migrants

Adriana disaster: fortress Europe murder

France on fire: down with racist French police

Atlanta's Cop City: police brutality and state repression

Climate crisis

Britain's ransacked water industry

Climate catastrophe here and now

Ratnagiri activists fight back

Cuba vive

Cuba: among hostile brothers

Cuba's internationalism: from the liberation of Angola to the end of apartheid

RATB at the 2023 People's Summit in Brussels

Prisoners fightback

Cookham Wood: hell-hole for children

Banged up on remand in racist Britain

Support Kevan Thakrar: end solitary confinement!

No to IPP: support Joe Outlaw!


'Revolutionary Marxism' vs Marx


Letters: FRFI 295, August/September 2023