FRFI 248 Dec 2015/Jan 2016 - Fight for decent housing for all

Imperialism & Crisis

Osborne’s Spending Review and Autumn Statement - On with the show...

Imperialists foster climate of fear after Paris attacks



British economy: a weak link in the imperialist chain

Labour Party & Trade unions

Corbyn and British airstrikes on Syria

Women’s Oppression

Suffragette: The struggle for women’s rights

Police & Prisons

Inside News - FRFI 248 Dec 2015/Jan 2016

Liverpool prison – filthy and dangerous

Transgender prisoner wins fight for proper location

Inminds: Drop the charges now!


NHS under-funded and under pressure


Education Notes: The Academy Games

Housing and Welfare

Fight for decent housing for all

Focus E15 campaign: fighting for housing justice

Edinburgh: stop the Leith clearances!


'Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution': Revolutionary movement against racism and imperialism


A rising tide of racism against migrants and refugees

Spain: Countdown to general election

Portugal; Eurozone and NATO confront election victors

United States

US interest rate dilemma

Latin America


20 years of solidarity with Cuba

Middle East

Syria airstrikes: Stop Imperialist War

Turkey heading for fascism and war

Palestine ‘15 points of rioting every weekday’


VW emissions scandal – capitalists falsify green reputations

Exxon Mobil’s climate change cover-up

Last chance for world leaders at Paris Climate Conference


Letters - FRFI 248 Dec 2015/Jan 2016